For me Ziza is an invention of the century.

Ziza helped me to breastfeed and later it was hugging my babies, support them while they were sitting. Now the whole family use it as a magical pillow to support comfort. From time to time, kids change it to maritime discovery capsule or play house.

Testimonial of Tina Gams.
Testimonial of Damjana Karlo.

Ziza is a beautiful thing. I would propose it to any future mum. It helps to cradle into sleep. You can easily adjust the fillers inside to find the best comfort. It is a quality product with good sewing, from quality materials that are easy to maintain. I like it especially when I fold it around my body to create my little nest.

The pillow is great. I was sleeping like a goddess today and am very satisfied with the product. When we went to sleep last night, I told my husband that the pillow is here for an easier sleep and not a border in the middle of the bed.

Easy to find a comfort position to sleep.

Good night sleep is important, especially while you are expecting. Sometimes, particularly in the late pregnancy, you can hardly find an appropriate position. With Ziza this is possible. You can set it into countless positions, somewhere you lift it and somewhere you fit it, support head or neck, womb, knees or legs. You turn from left to right and easily invent new positions. Apart from its functionality, it looks fabulous as well. After birth, it is useful to support breastfeeding, it helps you relax and thus breastfeeding is much smoother. I would recommend Ziza to all the pregnancies.

Testimonial of Katja Britvič.

Ziza managed to replace my wife after the birth of our child. I always sleep while hugging my wife. I was sleeping like that for almost five years. After our son came into our house, I’m hugging Ziza instead while my wife happily breastfeeds our child. Ziza is also very useful to make a secure fence while our baby sleeps.

Ziza is really beautiful.

We are excited over Ziza. Both me and my baby. It creates a special nest for two of us. My back rests while breastfeeding and the baby is comfortably positioned in Ziza’s hug. When my baby falls asleep during breastfeeding, I can move away and easily secure him with the pillow, even on a sofa or our family bed. After we got it we don’t have any problems with breastfeeding. It works terrific also to secure baby’s position while sitting on the floor, where he like to play. It is the best pillow for sleeping. I regret only that I haven’t bought it before. We had some other maternity pillow before and it is absolutely clear to me, why you can find numerous second-hand pillows on the internet, but there is not a single Ziza. We certainly know why.