Ziza Mami Romance pillow

Ziza Mami

Our best. Universal pregnancy and a breastfeeding pillow.

Multi-purpose cushion for pregnant women and mothers especially recommended for sleeping as tummy support to provide a comfortable position for the baby inside you. Pillow is designed to relieve the back muscles and especially the pelvic floor muscles. Can be used for breastfeeding, baby cuddling and securing of your baby’s position. Ziza Mami often becomes a resting accessory for the whole family.

Ziza Mami Features:
  • adjustable pillow to support various sleeping positions
  • recommended to support for belly during sleep
  • comfortable and relaxed breastfeeding
  • supports the spine when sleeping on your side
  • relieves pelvic floor muscles
  • great pillow for comfortable sleep for the whole family
Pillow, designed for comfort and good night sleep.

Ziza Mami is a universal pregnancy and breastfeeding pillow. We designed it for excellent sleeping and resting comfort. For you and your whole family.

Ziza pillows are filled with carefully selected materials to ensure you a maximum of comfort, softness, firmness and flexibility. All our fillings are anti-allergenic, appropriate also for those with respiratory problems or sensitive skin. Our pillows are made of 100% cotton. Various fabrics from bedding textiles, decorative fabrics or even velvet, woven from 100% cotton fibres.