Ziza Baby Patchwork pillow

Ziza Baby

Our special way to support breastfeeding.

Ziza Baby is a nursing pillow. We made to support breastfeeding and first attempts to sit and crawl. We have designed it to help mums with good posture, to relieve hands of child’s weight and to ease pressure on the spine. You will easily create an optimal position for comfortable, relaxed and healthy breastfeeding.

Ziza Baby Features:
  • excellent support for breastfeeding
  • great relief for arms and spine of a nursing mum
  • provides stability and safety in first attempts to sit
  • fence to protect the stability and security of your child’s position
Pillow, designed for breastfeeding.

Ziza Baby is designed especially for breastfeeding. The ring fits into the womb and provides support for the child’s weight. The pillow relieves the shoulder girdle, making breastfeeding more relaxed and comfortable for the mother and the child. It provides a better position to a child while nursing. Ziza Baby is also convenient for tummy-time, first attempts of seating and for the protection of child position while sleeping in the warm nest.

Ziza pillows are filled with carefully selected materials to ensure you a maximum of comfort, softness, firmness and flexibility. All our fillings are anti-allergenic, appropriate also for those with respiratory problems or sensitive skin. Our pillows are made of 100% cotton. Various fabrics from bedding textiles, decorative fabrics or even velvet, woven from 100% cotton fibres.